Buy Cheap Dedicated Servers in MOSKOW (Russia). DC Russ

Buy Cheap Dedicated Servers in Moscow (Russia)

strong>Dedicated Servers in Moscow (Russia) are located in Tier III data center. We are very proud of it. It is fully optimized for high-quality hosting services, VDS/VPS and dedicated servers. Data center is under Anti-DDoS protection. Protection against DDoS-attacks is implemented on the basis of high-performance anti-DDoS system of Arbor Networks, deployed in network of our partners. The system analyzes the traffic and makes "typical" profile. In the event of an attack, only legitimate traffic of real users is allowed to client resources. The longer collects data on "typical" customer traffic profile, the more effective the subsequent protection against DDoS-attacks. Its own fiber-optic network based on 10G technology. Total bandwidth of external channels: 70 Gbps. 2 independent fiber-optic cable entries in the Data Center building, laid in two different routes to MMTS-9. Physical dedicated servers: powerful processors, flexible configuration, full server control, KVM, dedicated IP address, 1 Gbps channel, possibility of installing any operating system of your choice. Installation time: 1-3 days (usually within 24 hours)

CPU RAM HDD Bandwidth Price Order
E5530 2.4Ghz, 4 cores 4 GB 500 GB SATA + 1 Gbit 70$ Order
E5620 2.4Ghz, 4 cores 4 GB 500 GB SATA + 1 Gbit 80$ Order
Operating Systems for Dedicated Servers in Moscow (Russia)
CentOS Debian Ubuntu FreeBSD Windows 2008

Windows 2008

Windows 2012

Windows 2012

Control Panels for Dedicated Servers
Direct Admin ISPmanager Lite